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SEO arms race, SEO intelligent spam, pagerank, anchor text, linking - irrelevant search results

The SEO arms race.
SEO intelligent spam causes irrelevant search results?

Written by Jon Berg <jon.berg|a|turtlemeat.com>

In this article I describe what I mean with the SEO arms race. Every webmaster dreams of millions of visitors and living the good life on advertising revenue. Where do you get millions of visitors? Google, your P.I.M.P. that will guide the customers to your page.

Search result
Analysis from the use of search engines - the result that comes up on the first page is crucial. Very few people bother to click on the second search result page. If you do not come up on any search query's first page you are finished. Just delete your webpage, nobody likes you.

SEO - search engine optimization
The name of the game is SEO. To get on the Google search result page for a given query there are a handful things you can do to boost your ranking. Today the main SEO optimization involves: pagerank, link structure, link anchor text, text keywords, domain name, file and directory naming, title and headlines.

The Arms race
In war, nations have tried to get the upper hand by having superior weapons. The arms race on the web is battle between the search engine optimized websites and the search engines. It should in theory not be possible to manipulate yourself to the top of a search query you choose, but this is not the case. Things that are put into the ranking algorithm seemed like a great thing in the beginning because they gave relevant results. When the web in the next round get infiltrated with content that exploit these things you end up with unrelevant results.

In the beginning of Internet half a century ago in the year 2000, Google came along with it's pagerank algorithm. The hyped SEO technique have been to do linking with other websites that have high page rank. People started exploiting this. Not only trading links, but buying linking from pages with high page rank. Google disapproved of this ofcourse The arms race is on.

Google's initial concept with page rank is that you will get a natural ranking of importance through the webstructure. Google was so happy this idea that they announced the IE toolbar where you can see a measurement of the pagerank. Big mistake! Now you see the pages you want to trade links with and who to ignore. Now you do not longer have a natural ranking, but an artificial structure constructed to boost page rank. The rich page rankers get richer. The future of page rank is very unsure, at the time (Oct 2004) it is at least 120 days since Google have updated any pages pagerank, at least that is showing on the IE toolbar. Ofcourse Google do not make any statements, but the word around the Internet campfire is gossiping about a less focus on pagerank.

So what is up the sleeves next. The SEO people are getting more focused on anchor text on the links. What will Google do when all links are full of irrelevant text and Googlebot is confused again?

SEO is a bit like spam. The spammer forces it messages through in illegitimate ways to get traffic. Pages that are SEO get higher rankings than pages that possible are more relevant.

The solution to all problems. Google is a very money hungry company, and that is a good sign. My ranking algorithm is who pays the most gets to be on top. We are starting to see a bit of that now with the ads they run. It is not such a far fetch thought, if you get traffic you earn money. You could conclude that SEO is a form of stealing money/traffic from the other webmasters.


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