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Pagerank, PR, banned by Google

Get your page rank banned by Google.

Written by Jon Berg <jon.berg|a|turtlemeat.com>


After https:// blackjack.turtlemeat.com/ opened there have been a steady stream of people wanting to exchange links with it, because it was Page Rank 4 pretty much from the start. All the subpages where pr 4 too.

So suddenly one day all the pages except the root index had their PR removed.

The rules
Never link to a bad neighborhood. First I thought this was just propaganda, but it seems to be actually true. If you link to somebody doing anything that Google dislikes you may get sucked in and get penalized for being part of it. In blackjack.turtlemeat.com's case all the sub pages were removed of page rank.

The sinner
After a little investigation it appears that a link to https://www.realXX-slots.cXo.uXk/ is the problem. The thing with this casino people is that there is a lot of spammy casino pages. And to have any chance of getting any traffic they cross link like there is no tomorrow. And manipulate the linking to get a high PR.

This page had PR 5 when it initially got linked from https://blackjack.turtlemeat.com/ , but that was apparently not enough for that dude. It is unclear what that site has been doing, but it is most likely some page rank manipulation schemes.

How to spot a Moron
When you type this page into Google you can see it is actually removed.

This is the flip side of the Google. The Page Rank concept is not the holy grail. Everybody knows about it and after they made that ridiculous browser bar that shows it it gets easier to see the results of the manipulation. People want high PR, and do a lot of stupid things to get boosted. Banning is the counter measure for Google. It is probably done in a combination of mostly automatically detecting and banning in the indexing algorithms, and the snitch approach by sending emails to abuse@google.com.

The Web is boosted to be such a great thing because it is fully distributed and no central authority that controls it. This is not true any more. It is at best a centralized lookup system with a distributed file storage. 80-90 of the web traffic originates from Google. The central is Google, and if you get on the bad side of Google you are finished on the web.

If you have a high roller page that you have spent a lot of energy on, it gets increasingly more riski to link stuff from it. You have no control of what the people you link to is up to. If it gets banned you must start from scratch. Hopefully it takes a lot to be completely banned, but getting deranked is close to getting killed. And most likely https://blackjack.turtlemeat.com/ will bounce back in a couple of months after the parasite have been removed. But then maybe another site may have turned into a parasite.

The page rank got restored read part two.

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