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Pagerank, PR, banned by Google part 2

Page rank banned by Google part 2.

Written by Jon Berg <jon.berg|a|turtlemeat.com>

This is a follow up on the "Get your page rank banned by Goggle", please read it first if you just hit this page.

As described the page rank got taken away after linking to a web site that was shady. The link that caused the banning was removed as quickly as possible when the banning was noticed.

Page rank popped back

Hopes was that the page rank would be restored after removing the one link that was to a bad site. The good news is that the page rank got restored in the January 2, 2005 page rank update. The page rank is not exactly the same as it was before since the hole page rank thing is a dynamic thing, but it is believed to be the correct one without any penalties.

On page rank, banning and everything. Final remarks (personal opinions)

It is good to know that you can get yourself out of the page rank banning mess by cleaning out the bad links. For Google's part this is a counter measure for exploitation and search engine spam. They probably need it since there are many sites doing a lot of manipulation. It is still unknown what that site was doing to get banned. You should not and probably will not get banned by just exchanging links like there is no tomorrow. There are a lot of casino pages with very high page ranks that have a hole enterprise in exchanging links, and Google thinks they are great and stamps them with a high page rank medallion. To get banned you can do this by having very long strings in the <title> tag, long is several hundreds of characters in it. When you link to that sites you probably can get banned, and the unlucky people linking to the site that links to the spam page also gets banned. This will create sort of a black hole and suck in a lot of sites and pages. Google probably have a lot of other checks, but optimization and spam is a very thin line.

It is ok to do manual checking from time to time if you have a few pages and a few pages. What about a large site? What if the site have a archive of content they have published in the past and in this they link other sites. If a site can get banned by linking to sites that tries to exploit search engines it makes it impossible to be sure that you will not be blacklisted at any time. The only way to be sure is not to link to anything at all outside your own site or what is under your own control. The don't link to a bad neighborhood idea is idiotic because if buy a domain that is expiring and it has many links from big sites, you can attack those sites by creating new bannable content. Google will then see that the sites that originally linked to quality content, now links to bad neighborhoods. The banning blackhole starts to suck in pages for banning.

I am starting to hate the hole Google page rank concept. Linking is a great thing and it has been a fundamental thing of the web since the start. Let links be a way of navigating the web, not the web's mafia ranking vote.

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