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Google Sandbox penalty effect, low ranking of new domain names

The Google Sandbox effect, low ranking of new domains

-what is the google sandbox, and how to get out of it

Written by Jon Berg <jon.berg|a|turtlemeat.com>

The Google Sandbox effect is theory that exists among webmasters on the Internet that web pages on new domain names rank poorly in the SERP (search engine result page) even though they have a high page rank. The sandbox will be on new domain names for a period from 3-8 months. The Google Sandbox effect is ofcourse not an official rule since Google is very sparse with detailed information about how they do the ranking. So it is mostly speculation, but it seems to be a fact that 'something' like this is happening.

How to test if my website suffers from the sandbox algorithm
It is belived that Yahoo! and MSN do not incorporate a sandbox algorithm in their ranking of web pages. If you do a search for a general term on Yahoo or MSN and manage to get a high ranking, say the first spot for your page, and for the same query have a significant poor ranking on Google it could be the sandbox.

How to get out of the sandbox penality
The bummer answer is that there is not much you can do to get out of it. You just have to wait till the sandbox automatically goes away. The sandbox effect will go away on it's own after 3-8 months after you have opened your domain. A tip could be to plan ahead, if you know you are opening a site in a couple of months, get a temporarly page up and link to it. That way the sandbox will go away faster when you have the real content up. There have been some suggestions that it may help remove the sandbox to get inbound links to various content pages on the new site, not just the front page.

Why Google have the sandbox
Make you so annoyed that you will be paying for advertising and then Google will earn a lot of money. Maybe not directly true, but it may feel unfair for new webmasters. The more likely reason for the sandbox effect is that Google wants to prevent people to constantly set up new domains and link between them, creating mini networks for the purpose of getting inbound links from 'other' sites. From Google's perspective it may be more useful with big quallity sites than a lot of small sites. So ranking quality domains high makes sense since quality content is likely to be put on quality domains. In the real world there are few instant stars, stars take time to build. For a website to become a star should take some time to build up quallity content. When a site becomes an instant page rank star, Google should maybe become a bit suspicious, because of pagerank maipulation. Sites doing pagerank manipulations schemes are more likely to blow up in the long run. So if you have not blown up during the sandbox you are less likely to be a spammer.

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