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By: Jon Berg <jon.berg|a|turtlemeat.com>
Created: June 2009.
Experiences with Google AdSense for Domains

My experiences with Google AdSense for Domains

As a curious person about new stuff on the Internet I wanted to try out Google AdSense for Domains. So this is my opinion based on a my little try out of Google Adsense for Domains.

Basically to get started you need to have some domain names. Then you reconfigure the dns record of those domain names to point to a Google server. Google will then create a page filled with more or less relevant ad when you browse the domain name. How to set it up is described if you look around the documentation in your Google Adsense account.

My Setup

So I had about 8 domain names that I had registered, but not gotten around to put any content on. So I converted those to be used for Google Adsense for Domains. I had previously put links on those to each others so they got crawled and appeared in the search engines.

One thing to note about these domain names are that they are not any cleaver tricks involved to get traffic to them. Such as registering typo domains names, such as youtubve.com etc. Also most of the domain names were not snapped up when they expired and as far as I know they did not have traffic coming in as a result of previous owners having gotten links or traffic to them before they expired. As I understand these are popular ways to play the domain name game.


I had this thing going for about 3 months and I got about 669 total page impressions. The funny thing is that I did not get one single click of any of the ads. Not a single cent earned. LOL.

The Columns in the picture are: Date, Total page impressions, Landing page impressions, Results page impressions, Page eCPM, Earnings.

I am not sure what kind of traffic that hit it during this time. I did not run any web traffic analysis on it before, and when you have the Ad stuff running on it it is all on Google's servers so it is not so easy to find out. Some of this is likely that is bots or crawlers if those gets registered as page loads. Other traffic could be people trying to register domain names, but webmaster type of people have probably seen these ad pages before and are not too keen on clicking on the ads.

One major drawback is that the Google web search apparently drops the domain names from the search engine when they have Google Adsense for Domains running on them. This is a big drawback because I would think that a break in listed status would impact ranking for the domain name if one was going to use it for something serious later on. It is nothing official, but I think that the longer a domain name has been consistently listed in a search engine the better. Banning, expiring of registration etc. is generally not good for rankings, so using it as an ad domain is likely not very good ranking wise. The domains do come back into the search results it seems when you remove the domain ads on them.


I am not sure why Google got into domain ads in the first place. These automatic ad pages seems a bit just like junk on web. I am sure that is why Google just outright ignoring these pages in their web search. But I suppose it is greed, that they wanted a foot in the junk on the Internet-business.

So the click rate is terrible. Far worse than ads for Adsense for Search and Adsense for Content. The reason is probably because people find them a bit spammy and annoying. People that are trying to register domains certainly gets annoyed that a potential domain name is clogged up by some ad schemer.

I am not sure ads for domains will pay for the cost of having a domain registered. And certainly naive concepts are not likely to pay off. I don't know about schemes involve capturing domain names that have been built up with legitimate traffic or registering misspellings of popular pages are so good, but I suspect it to get few clicks because it seems so spammy and useless.

So what to do with those domains names which you are too lazy to make any content for? My best suggestion is to keep it clean to have the domain be valid in the search engines incase that you want to use it later on. Perhaps also it can be use to create some inbound links in a moderate way to your other pages that you have content.

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