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Turn off the loginscreen in XP, after installing .NET . Step by step description on how to turn off the loginscreen in Windows XP for a single user machine. After installing .NET .

written by: Jon Berg
the actual work of figuring this problem out: Morten Hansen.

One annoying thing that happens when you install the .NET runtime from Microsoft is if you are used to have Windows boot up straight into your "desktop" this gets changed to use the login screen. This is annoying because the user is never told anywhere how to fix this. Also it is annoying if the user is a single user that has access to this machine and do not connect to any network, the login screen may act as a 10 second time stealing mechanism every morning.

Why Windows XP suddenly asks for a username and password after installing .NET is because when you install .NET a new account gets added to the system. Now you have to login so windows knows witch user it is that is starting the machine.

To remove the login and still be able to run .NET programs this is what to do on your machine.

1. Go to the control panel, and click on user accounts.
2. Click on the account that says ASP and choose to delete it.
3. When asked choose that you want to keep the user files and also delete the account.
Then "ok".

Your Windows XP should now not bother you with the login screen if installing .NET screwed it up. One final note is that the functionality in .NET that needs the ASP useraccount will probably fail after removing this. But most desktop programs will not use ASP since ASP (Active Server Pages) is software for webservers running webapplications.

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