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About Research in Computer Science.

Research in computer science.

Written by Jon Berg <jon.berg|a|turtlemeat.com>

Introduction to general research
Research is the systematic study directed towards fuller scientific knowledge of the subject studied. Research is classified in two categories, basic research or applied research. In research we move from established knowledge to new knowledge.

3 definitions from National Science Foundations, US:
Basic research the objective of the sponsoring agency is to gain fuller knowledge or understanding of the fundamental aspects of phenomena abd if observable facts without specific applications towards process or products in mind.
Applied research the objective of the sponsoring agency is to gain knowledge or understanding necessary for determining the means by which a recognized and specific need may be met.
Development is systematic use of the knowledge or understanding gained from research, directed towards the production of useful material, devices, systems, or methods.

Basic research US vs. Japan
In US, basic research is research without any application in mind. In Japan, basic research is research which is base of future industry. The international trend is adaption of the Japanese definition of research. Also the trend is to do less basic research and more applied research and development.

Research in Computer Science and Engineering
There is little separation of basic research, applied research and development in CS&E. The way research is done in CS&E this separation seems artifical.

Research methods used in Computer Science
The use of scientific methodology is important, without scientific methodology it can not be called research.

Non-emperical: Literature review, Model construction, Monte Carlo Simulation, Theory Proving.
Scientific: Laboratory experimentation.
Engineering: Artefact construction (Conception, Prototyping) , Artefact destruction (Testing, Application)

Unlimited amount of problems
The computer science area is an exciting field. You can not tell today what will be the problems you will be dealing with tomorrow. The reaserch areas of today will most likely have impact of the future. Tomorrow will sertanly bring new problems.

Some hot research areas today is various distributed systemes like Ubiqutous Computing and Pervasive Computing, Information security, Artifical Intelligence.

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